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Lorraine Gregorio

Dream Vacation Maker

631.648.8032 ext. 53

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Favorite Vacation Destinations:


Specialties: Theme Parks, Multi-generational Trips, Business Travel, Family Travel, Exotic Locations, Luxury-Inclusive


Lorraine is from Long Island, NY and has been traveling to Florida several times a year with her family since she was a child.  She has a love for all things Disney and It has become a family tradition to visit Disney World every year.  She enjoys planning her vacations almost as much as the traveling, and when she discovered LBAC, it seemed fitting to start doing so for others.

Lorraine is a social worker who works as a psychotherapist and behavioral therapist with autistic children.  She loves working with children and thinks that it is essential that all children can visit Disney, even though some special needs can make it difficult.  Lorraine has worked with several families to assist them in planning a trip with their special-needs children and assisted each family with developing ways to minimize the stress it can cause so their children can enjoy their trip.  She enjoys traveling and as always made traveling a priority.  Her travel has included several multigenerational trips and she is excited to help others create memorable experiences of their own. Although her travel has changed somewhat in the years since having her children, Lorraine loves taking her children to new places and says nothing is as magical as seeing your child's eyes light up when they walk down Main Street in Disney World!


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