Meghan Wilcock

Meghan has loved traveling for as long as she can remember, taking road trips from home in Connecticut to visit family in Vermont, West Virginia, and Georgia, and flying to Florida. Her real passion for Disney developed in the past few years and was ignited when she became a Disney World annual passholder and experienced a trip with her boyfriend's DVC member family. She loves her annual trip for her mom's birthday each July, and keeping in touch with her friends from college by meeting in Disney World. Meghan has a Disney World Resort waterslide bucket list, which requires that she stay at least one night at each resort where she does the waterslide, and she has almost crossed off every slide!

Working in the ski resort industry since the age of 15 makes her appreciate travel, and especially the attention to detail that Disney does so well. She loves living in Vermont and snowboarding and skiing all winter and paddleboarding all summer, when she's not catching flights.

Meghan has been to Walt Disney World 26 times and has three more visits planned this year, Disneyland four times, and Disneyland Paris once. She's so excited to share her knowledge and experience to help clients plan their dream trips. Meghan believes everyone deserves (and needs) perfect vacations to make memories to cherish with their families and friends.

At the top of her dream travel bucket list is Africa, but there's no destination that doesn't pique her interest!

Tel: 631.648.8032

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