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Sarah Leanza

My years in the culinary industry fulfilled a love of food, teamwork and honed an appreciation for the art of creation.  It also took me around the world and opened doors to travel experiences that tapped into all my aspirations- places I could have only dreamed about otherwise that brought me endless inspiration. I’m excited to announce I’ve found a way to combine a love of travel, creation, an appreciation for the magic of childhood and a desire to make all this accessible to those of you who have ever had a dream.  I've joined the Dream Maker team at LBAC Travel, specializing in Disney property vacations!   There truly is a Disney dream for everyone ranging from worldwide excursions, Disney cruise adventures to Walt Disney World and Disneyland vacations.

So many of us are in the throes of raising children.  Calculating how to fulfill their dreams, inspire them to reach for the stars and at the same time offer them some beautiful, carefree memories that will last a lifetime; let me make that easier by offering my services at no additional cost to you.  Feel free to inquire anytime and to pass my name along to friends with dreams.  I’m so excited to bring you all along with me, no question is too small.  I’m happy to get you started on the path to the world of Disney!