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Susan Baerenwald

Dream Vacation Maker

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My love for Disney started at a young age going to Disney World with my family every two years and watching every movie on repeat growing up. Yes, I was and still am that person who knows all Disney songs and listens to them 24/7. Disney is my happy place and just puts a smile on my face no matter how my day is going and I am so glad to be able to help others have that joy as well.

My love for traveling the world started after my freshman year in High School when I traveled alone to Brazil to spend time with a family friend and her family for a month. This opened my eyes to the world and sparked my interest in traveling any and everywhere. I studied abroad in Germany in college and loved that experience. In addition to there, I've been lucky enough to travel to London UK, Aberdeen Scotland, Amsterdam The Netherlands, Prague Czech Republic, Switzerland, Salzburg Austria, Banff Canada, Mexico, and across the US including Hawaii.

I've planned many family trips including our European vacation, trips to Mexico, class trip to Disney and all the travel for our volleyball clubs families for tournaments.

I am so excited to start this journey and help you plan your next travel adventure! Please contact me if you have any questions or want to start planning your next trip!

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