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Fran has been with LBAC Travel for almost 5 years now. She is a single mom of one son and has been a full time working hairdresser for 30 years plus. “I wanted to get involved with something else; I was doing hair for so long I needed a change of pace. My good friend Rosemarie was working for LBAC Travel

and thought I might enjoy working as a travel consultant, as I always loved to travel, and love making people feel good. That’s why being a hairdresser was always so fulfilling.”


Fran is a certified specialist in Sandals/Beaches Resorts, Aruba and Quebec and a graduate of the College Of Disney Knowledge. She also has experience creating group vacations such as cruises, all-inclusive resorts, as well as Disney. 


“I especially love booking Disney vacations for clients; it always seems that no matter what, it is always a great experience. I remember my first Disney experience like it was yesterday. It was the first year the Magic Kingdom opened and it was truly a magical moment.”  Helping others create their Disney memories is very fulfilling to Fran. “Now I can create a great vacation experience for my clients, as well as making them look good!”

Tel: 631.648.8032

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