Marsha Templeton

I am an elementary teacher by trade, but a traveller in my heart.  After all my years of travel to Disney and the  Caribbean Islands, I was inspired to create dream vacations for families to help build upon the memories I cherish most from my own experiences.  I have been fortunate enough to travel to Disney as a young child as well as growing up through my adolescence and lucky enough to create such magical memories with my own family.  Disney definitely holds a special place in my heart, but I have also enjoyed cruising around many of the beautiful islands of the caribbean as well as relaxed and fished off of the white sandy beaches of Mexico.  Raising two boys with my husband has definitely given me an adventurous side from swimming with whale sharks and dolphins, fishing for sailfish in Mexico, fighting Bull Reds in the Gulf of Mexico; and rafting white-water rapids. There hasn’t been a thrilling experience we wouldn’t challenge.  I am so grateful for this opportunity with LBAC Travel and looking forward to the many opportunities it will give me to help create dream vacations for other families.  My next adventure...the enchanting beauty of Ireland!!

Tel: 631.648.8032

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