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Heather Goldstein

Travel Advisor since 2023

631.648.8032 ext.58

Favorite Vacation Destination:

Disney, Caribbean


Disney Destinations, Universal Orlando, Universal Hollywood, Cruising


Universal Orlando Specialist

My love of travel has always been present but I can thank my husband for giving me the “cruising bug” and once I caught the bug, it became everything cruises for my family! As a former middle school teacher for twenty years, I have always been able to multitask and stay organized, efficient and detail-oriented. All of these skills helped me plan vacations for everyone I know. Living in South Florida makes cruising and all things Disney easily accessible, so I have become an expert in finding all the tips and tricks to making trips go smoothly. 

I spent many years planning so many vacations that family and friends would ask all the time why I don’t do this for a living, as they handed me credit cards and begged, “Here, you take care of all this!” I listened and made that dream come true! The process of researching and finding great deals for others gives me a thrill. Planning ahead takes so much of the stress out of time on ships and in other destinations. As a personal vacation planner, I can fill you in on the best cruise line to suit your needs, the rooms to book, the excursions to take, the dining experiences to have and many of the other ins and outs of cruising. If you are not taking a cruise, I can also help you with other travel needs as well. I am here to make your vacation exactly that-a vacation! Let me do all of the hard work setting up your dream time away with friends and family, so you can simply relax and enjoy.

Heather Goldstein
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